RSS feed

How to use RSS feeds

What is as an RSS feed

RSS is a family of XML formats for the syndicated Web content.
This standard is usually used to obtain updates of information whose nature changes frequently, typically it can be lists of tasks in a project, prices, alerts of all kinds of new proposed jobs, news sites or blogs. Podcasts and videocasts are designed on the same standard by using the 'Enclosure' tag. To receive them, the user must subscribe to the, which allows him to quickly consult the latest updates using an aggregator, without having to visit the site.
Three formats can be designated by these initials:
Rich Site Summary (RSS 0.91)
RDF Site Summary (RSS 0.90 and 1.0)
Really Simple Syndication (RSS 2.0)

Areas of use

The dissemination of alerts, news or lists (in the broad sense) found many professional applications in addition to those blogs were widely popularized.
The RSS standard is used for the dissemination of news on the Internet by blogging professional or semi-professional. Directories and list a large number of francophone news feed.
These streams can generally be viewed thanks to readers online, but also on feed readers (see below links).
Multiple browsers can also read the RSS feeds, including Maxthon, Mozilla Firefox (of origin, or with the extensions Wizz RSS News Reader, infoRSS or Sage), or even Opera

How to subscribe?

Just click on the little orange icon in the footer of the site, or even indicating that located just below this article to receive daily RSS feeds, new products, or the latest information regarding the company diesel...