"TRANSACTIS - REDUCERS" Packs are the ideal complement to the 'Technology of bearings' Pack The student implements different fixtures, displays the internal structure and in particular the transformation of movement.
Reducer offer 1 cut in half for dismantling and monitoring of its functioning internal dimensional unchanged.
Reducer offer 2 cut in half and proposed on support with dimensional change for complete disassembly and operation exploded view.
Modelling in SolidWorks and MECA 3D ®


PAINTED industrial GEARBOXES and DIDACTISES according to description above: reducer offers 1 reducer 2 offer.
Pedagogical, technical folders and resources on CD Rom

REDUCER a-1 AXES parallel offer (ref: ERTT1)
REDUCER A AXES parallel offer 2 (ref: ERTT2)

Pack equipment AXES parallel (ref: LERTT):
EQUIPMENT TRANSACTIS - REDUCER A AXES parallel (TP 3 positions) composed of two Packs: "Transactis - reducer with parallel axes provides 1" and 'Transactis - reducing parlleles offer 2-axis' and a 'painted industrial parallel axes reducer.