This equipment provides the student any professional equipment needed for installation and adjustment of a SOMFY tubular motor for rolling shutters of window. Comp window (885 x 550 mm) in which is integrated on the roller shutter box is pre-equipped fixations of the motor / winding and the scenes of apron PVC tube. Three Motors of technologies and different generations and two tubes of different profiles, are supplied to power the pane. It is complemented by a motor Briefcase: for the mechanical study of the gearbox, the comparison of the different sensor solutions end of race and the end cage study of race.


Model of pre-equipped window (885 x 550 mm) PVC apron with two tubes for winding (1 ZF and 1 profile Octo). Three tubular Motors SOMFY (1 LS 40, 1 LT 50, 1 Oximo RTS). A set of wheels crowns for adapter engines in the tubes. A set of fasteners to connect the deck to the coil tubes. Settings for wired motor cable. Settings for engine radio (RTS) cable. A remote control radio (Telis RTS). A motor Kit includes: removable gear, mechanical and electronic end race cages.
Comes with technical documentation and getting started instructions.