DOMOTIS-current BEARER is a very close representation of reality which includes a shutter with a SOMFY tubular industrial motor and a neon lamp. The roller tube has been cut to see the engine. The student view wired commands by current carrier (Protocol X 10 ™) and wave radio and then was introduced to home automation by imagining scenarios on PC.


A model consists of:
A SOMFY tubular motor with a PVC shutter. Roller tube of the pane cut to see the engine. A neon lamp. Through the power control module carrier. Clearly identified sector connections. All protected with transparent Plexiglas plates and two feet to stabilize the mock-up.
A briefcase containing:
A switch module by current carrier to order the lamp. A PC interface module incorporating the transformation of a radio signal current bearer. Software for piloting and the creation of scenarios. A mini radio remote control.
Technical records and instructions of grip on CD Rom.